Over the Sea to Jura

The car ferry link between the mainland and Jura goes from Kennacraig and via the Isle of Islay. Calmac runs a ferry several times a day to Islay, to a choice of Port: Port Askaig in the north or Port Ellen in the south. Ferries in to Port Askaig are more convenient: the crossing is half an hour shorter (around two hours), and docking in Port Askaig saves you crossing Islay.

From Port Askaig, the Jura Ferry ("the wee ferry") crosses to Jura approximately every hour, more or less coinciding with the arrival of the mainland ferry. It is not bookable but keeps going back and forth until everyone who arrived on time is across.

(Particularly early crossings and those after 6.30pm need to be booked - call 01496 840681, leaving a detailed message if needed.)

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