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Britain's last wilderness

The Jura Hotel

+44 (0)1496 820243

Jura's unpretentious beauty makes it magical. Although it is only 5 miles off the west coast of Scotland, Jura's small population (around 230 at last count), its uninhabited west coast, the single (and single-track) road and lack of visible large-scale commercial activity all make for a rare feeling of remoteness.

"Jura" originates from the Norse word for deer, of which 6000 or so freely roam the island. As well as red deer, otters, wild goats, seals, sea eagles, golden eagles and many other species of bird and animal are regularly spotted.

The Isle of Jura is where George Orwell sought solitude to write 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' and, more bizarrely, where acid house band KLF burned a million dollars. These days it's home to the popular Jura Fells Race (at the end of May), the unmissable Jura Music Festival (in September), the eponymous whisky and quite possibly the

best gin on the market. 


2021 has seen two more top-quality drinks brands launch: Deer Island Rum and Jura Brewery's Laughing Stag Pale Ale are both happily propping up the bar in the Jura Pub.

From the picturesque and challenging

Paps to the

raised beaches

of Loch Tarbert; 

from the 

dangerous Corryvreckan whirlpool to safe swimming at Corran Sands: if you love fresh air and the outdoors you will feel at home on Jura.

Photo: Gini Dickinson

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