Terms and Conditions

Making a booking

  • You can request a booking online by using our online booking tool, but this booking is not confirmed until we have checked all the details and processed payment. If you would rather speak with an actual human to make your booking, we would be delighted for you to call us on 01496 820243.
  • Once we have checked the details of your booking and collected payment from your card, we will send you a booking confirmation email. Sometimes these go into email spam folders. It is your responsibility to check that the booking confirmation email reflects your requirements and please keep your booking I.D. number to hand so you can check-in online, book extras and view your bill, even checkout online.
  • All reservations are subject to full payment upon booking (by Visa or Mastercard). Your card details will be securely retained as security against extras while you are here. We do not retain card details beyond your stay, so even if you have stayed with us before we will ask you for card details.
  • The price for the premium family room assumes two adults sharing with two children under fourteen.
  • Two premium ensuite double rooms can also accommodate families of three or four. Children aged between two & fourteen in either of these rooms are charged at £30 per night, with under 2’s free of charge. Additional young people (12) in these or other rooms are charged £30 per person B & B £50 DBB
  • We do not pay commission to travel agents. Travel agents wishing to charge commission should add this to our advertised prices before quoting their client.
  • Payments with corporate cards are subject to a 5% surcharge.

Rather than book online, please call us if…

  • You would like to book a room with an extra bed in
  • You wish to book the family room for a family including two children under 12
  • Your party requires more than five rooms

​GROUP BOOKINGS of four or more rooms are subject to the following conditions, payment and cancellation policy:

  • Upon booking, the guest is liable for 50% of the booking cost (although, as with all bookings, 100% is payable upon booking). Between the date of payment and eight weeks before the start of the booking itself, up to 50% of the value of the original booking can be cancelled with no penalties.
  • Eight weeks before the start of the booking, the guest becomes liable for a further 25% of the cost. Between this date and fourteen days before the start of the booking, up to 25% of the rooms can be cancelled without penalty.
  • Fourteen days before the start of the booking, the guest assumes liability for the remaining 25% of the booking.
  • It is not our intention to benefit from cancelled bookings, but more to protect our business from factors outside our control. If, therefore, we are able to resell cancelled rooms, we will do so, and we will reimburse the original customer appropriately. This might mean that you will not know if you are due a refund until the last minute (because occasionally we do get last minute bookings here).


  • All prices include VAT at the standard rate and do not include any service charge. An optional 10% service charge (at 0% VAT) will be added to meal bills of hotel guests. Guests who leave without checking out in person will have this service charge added to their bill unless they tell us otherwise in advance, and it is non-refundable. 100% of service charges are distributed amongst staff and these are independent of their wages.
  • Payments made with a corporate card will incur an additional 5% charge.
  • In the unlikely event of any damages to your room, costs plus VAT will be charged to the card the reservation is made with.
  • Upon check-out, you do not need to pay with the card that you made the reservation with.


(See Group Bookings section above for cancellation of group bookings).

  • A reservation constitutes a binding contract which, in the case that you cannot travel, must be cancelled in writing (usually email) at least seven days prior to the start of the reserved period in order to secure a refund.
  • If you cancel your booking at short notice or do not turn up, we will endeavor to resell the room(s) and your cancellation/no-show charge will be minus the price of any rebooking. Because we occasionally get last minute bookings, we might not be able to tell you until the last moment whether or not we are able to give you a refund.
  • Charges associated with corporate cards are not subject to refund.
  • If you cannot travel due to ferry arrangements, due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons, our booking conditions still apply. We recommend that you request a note from the relevant ferry company that you can present to your travel insurance company.

Due to increased operating costs, we now charge £30.00 administration charge on all cancelled bookings this amount is applied as an administration charge to incorporate costs charge by card issuing companies and is deducted from the deposit paid at date of return. All bookings cancelled will be subject to this charge.

For all bookings the first nights’ accommodation charge is made at time of booking, to secure your booking and is held on your room account as a deposit. All group accounts paid by business credit card are subject to a 5% surcharge.


Cost of damages or any missing items will be charged at cost + VAT to the card that you paid with.

Smoking is not allowed inside the hotel and a fee of £100 will be charged to any guest who smokes in their room. Vaping will set off the smoke alarms and as such is also prohibited inside the hotel.