The Jura Hotel, Craighouse, Isle of Jura PA60 7XU

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Jura venison is a staple on our menu whenever the season allows, and can sit alongside freshly-caught langoustine, brought in by the bucket-load in the summer, crab from nearby Islay or sorbet made with Jura's own Lussa Gin.


We pride ourselves in using fresh ingredients and making everything, from scampi to sourdough, from scratch. 

Meals are served daily in our restaurant, lounge bar and pub. Those visiting the island but not staying in the hotel can book a table in the lounge bar or (between March and October) eat in the pub without making a reservation.

~ April-October ~

Lunch midday-2.30pm

Dinner 6pm-8.30pm

~ Nov-March ~

Lunch midday-2pm

Dinner by reservation 6pm-8pm

The Jura Hotel

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