The Jura Hotel, Craighouse, Isle of Jura PA60 7XU

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An adventure in itself, the Jura Passenger Ferry takes less than an hour to reach Craighouse on Jura from Tayvallich on the mainland. 


The Passenger Ferry runs twice a day from Easter to the end of September.

Passenger Ferry

A Truly Un-get-at-able Place

Car Ferries

Calmac runs several crossings each day between Kennacraig and Islay (around two hours), then there's a five-minute crossing to Jura on the wee ferry.

...or so George Orwell felt, back in the nineteen-forties.

These days you can take your pick of transport options...


Fly from Glasgow or Edinburgh into Islay airport, then it's a bus, quick ferry and another bus (or taxis) to Craighouse.

Buses & Taxis

Bus services between Glasgow and Jura make the journey cost-effective, and there are various private-hire options too.